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Gem Fusion

Stack like-colored gems and

use the power of fusion to

combine them in this classic

stack puzzle epic!


-Multiple unlockables & modes!

-Unique 'fusion' mechanics!

-Over 20 different types of gems!

Cactus Bruce and the

Corporate Monkeys

The pirate Cactus Bruce is not happy when the troublesome

Corporate Monkeys invade!


-90 levels of monkey-blasting!

-Discover friends in various places!

-Create your own unique levels!



Blast your way through colorful levels with your own customized fighting machine in this original and fast-paced action platformer!


-Customize your battle robot!

-Collect power-ups and secrets!

-Fight against your friends online!



Jewel Fever

Get ready for feverish action as you try to connect like colored jewels and clear them from the board in this engaging puzzle title!


-Over 10 different types of jewels!

-Challenging puzzle gameplay!

-Share the fun in 2-player mode!




Brave the mysterious planet ring and collect stardust as you blast through the levels!  Classic arcade style action in a dark sci-fi world!


-High speed action with physics!

-Unlockable power-ups and secrets!

-Endless fun with a level editor!



Solar Rescue Denetsu

Prepare to venture into the depths of space as you rescue stranded astronauts!  But be on your toes as it won't be an easy ride!


-Gravity and natural obstacles!

-Challenging arcade action!

-Multiple rescue scenarios!



Dragon Mania

 Help the baby dragon explore vast worlds as you search for gold!  Kid-friendly platform action awaits, get ready to find some gold!


-Explore various 3d-rendered levels!

-Find special hidden areas!

-Fun for the whole family!



Bali Adventure

Embark for the Bali jungle as you brave the puzzles created by unknown forces in an effort to rescue your friend!


-Nearly 20 levels of puzzle action!

-Multiple power-ups to collect!

-Set your own challenge level!



Mazeman Mania

Face off against the pesky spectres of the underground world as you explore levels trying to find a way to get back home!


-Exciting and familiar fun!

-Large worlds and levels to master!

-Classic gameplay with a twist!



Jewel Explorer

Take off as a treasure hunter and venture underground in search of valuable jewels!  But watch out for danger like lava and boulders!


-Quick and easy fun for all ages!

-Interact with the environment!

-Puzzles and hazards to overcome!




Get ready to challenge your brain with wicked math puzzles!  Multiple modes and randomly generated puzzles offer endless fun!


-Brain enhancing gameplay!

-Choose several different modes!

-Collect rewards and bonuses!



Quan Yin Mahjongg

In a temple deep in China lies an ancient pool where a goddess plays her favorite game: Mahjongg!  Are you up to the challenge?


-Play through tons of boards!

-Create your own levels and tiles!

-Play against time & puzzle modes!



Quan Yin Sudoku

Visit the Quan Yin volcano and attempt to solve the puzzles floating in the magma!  Only a sharp mind can overcome the riddles!


-Play through infinite puzzles!

-Engage in multiple game modes!

-It's easy to learn- hard to master!



Coin Planets

Colin the Coin is back in this platforming adventure!  Run, jump, shoot, and surf your way through these exciting worlds!


-Over 40 levels on 9 unique worlds!

-Challenging enemies and Bosses!

-Play the levels in any order!



Addictive Football

It's not Soccer, it's Football!

Play 5-per-side rules on a variety

of pitches with multiple modes to

choose from like League and more!


-10 Different teams!

-Five unique game modes!

-Arcade style fun!




In Spacebar there is no luck or chance- it takes great skill to steer through challenging levels and reach the end before time is up!


-Test your skills in over 60 levels!

-Choose your difficulty mode!

-Create your own crazy levels!



Kingdom Realms

Decendents of Ancient Greece are about to discover Ancient power deep beneath their new home.. Prepare to defend against the evil!


-18 different playable units!

-16 technologies to discover!

-Gameplay over vast Area!!



Fashion Star

Step into the cut-throat world of fashion design with Fashion Star. Take the role of an upstart, freelance fashion stylist!


-16 challenging assignments!

-300 different items of clothing!

-Designer challenges!



Somiumstrike 2

Defeat or be defeated in this fast paced Action Real time strategy game!A Unique blend of Action and strategy...


- 16 Base improvements & Units!

-Unrelenting & fast paced!

-Tons of strategic depth!!



Feyruna Fairy Forest

Can you help the lands of Feyruna defeat the evil invading hordes of Shadow Rock! Catch Glow worms and use magic!


-Multiple Spells to use!

-Cute Graphics and characters!

-Mutiple areas of play!



Vincere Totus Astrum

Five empires have risen from the genetic pools of the galaxy to claim the stars as their own. Only one empire will prevail


-Casual 4x Gameplay!!

-For iOS Devices!

-Epic Battles!




As the last Pohoja, you must discover the dark force that  Has elimnated your race and cast the land in to darkness...


-Transform into various forms

-Tons of unique creatures to fight!

-Collect unique Powerups!




Their plan is in motion...

Defend earth against alien Invasion

by reverse enginnering the tech

and using against them!


-Arcade Strategy Blended Action!

-Tons of Unlockables!

-Research and develop weapons!



Death From Above

Repel Enemy invaders from you motherland using your trust Sopwith Camel, deploy tank forces while you gun and bomb from the skies!


-Cool Air Combat!

-Deploy tanks stratagically!

-Over 8 levels!









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